Types of Movie Lovers You Must Have Come Across

Movies are one of the best ways to entertain yourself. Unlike the daily soaps and the web series, You don’t need to spend the extra time to get to the end of the story. Because of less time consumption, most people like to watch movies over web series and other TV Shows. However, there are different types of people everywhere. And, the love for movies is not the same in every person. Today we are going to discuss these different types of movie lovers.

The first day, First Show Kind Of Person

As the name already suggests, they love to watch the movie on the first day. For them, it is their way to show their dedication to the films. Not just the first day, these people want the first show too. They do not wait for any reviews or other’s opinions. 

Admirer for the art

For some people, movies are a form to express something beyond entertainment. They love to notice every little detail about the film. From different frames to the acting of different actors, they love to admire every good thing about every film. 

Love for selective genres

We all know there are different genres in the movies. Some people love to watch movies from selective genres. For example, some people love to watch horror movies. They even love to watch it alone. In the same way, some people only love romantic dramas. 

The Movie Critic

They are those people who love to watch the movies to criticize it. They think that it is their responsibility to inform others about the good and bad aspects of the film. 

The Just for entertainment person

Some people love to watch films just for entertainment. They do not think much about the different perspectives of the film. They are just different from the people who admire the movies. 

Dependent on reviews

These people are just opposite to the critics one. Their love for the movies is dependant on the reviews of other people. If the film gets positive reviews, then it must be a good film. 

In the Name of Big artists

There are people who are devoted to some actors. For them, only the name of the particular actor matters and nothing else. They can not miss the movies which have some big names. They treat those big actors like a god. And, their love for the actor is more than that of the movies.

The Blogger about movies

Some people love to watch the film so that they can write about it. They love to find the different perspectives of any film. They do not review the films. They just write what they feel about the movie.

Need For a Partner

Some people are just too scared to be alone anywhere. These types of people always need a partner everywhere. They need a partner while watching a movie. They love to watch the movie when they have someone to company them. 

Need for something To eat while watching 

If you have something to eat while watching any movie make the movie even better. These people are not just a movie lover but a food lover too. I know, we all are taught that we should not do anything while eating. But, there is no harm in trying. 

Waiting till released on OTT platforms

Well, this has been a trend in recent times to re-release the movies on the OTT platforms. And, some people wait for it to get the release on these platforms so that they can watch it. They love movies but hate the idea of spending so much money in the movie theatre. For them, watching on these platforms is more convenient than going to the movie theatres. 

Extra enthusiast 

Some let their emotions flow with the movies. They become too excited about any scene. They start shouting when their favorite hero kicks some goons. They let their sentiments flow with the movies. 

These are a few types of movie lovers that I have seen. If you are one of them then, please like the blog. And If you know some more types of movie lovers then, please comment and tell us about it. 

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