Different Types Of T-shirt Styles And Patterns

Every T-shirt has a different style, designs, and variations. There is more to a T-shirt than just a round neck and a half sleeve. There are so many modern twists to T-shirts, like; different looks and classy aesthetics. Here we have prepared a list for you of T-shirts and it’s different necklines and sleeves.

Basic crew neck long and half sleeve T-shirt

This is the most basic style of T-shirt which is owned by both men and women. The crew neck is suited at the base of the neck and is the most comfortable of them all. There are different variations of it and you can style them differently as well.

Polo collar T-shirt

Polo collared T-shirt add a sense of formality to a very casual looking T-shirt that has buttons in front till several inches deep on the chest. These kind of T-shirts are mostly worn my people who play golf or professionals on a casual day. People who have a lean frame can absolutely rock this any time.

V-neck T-shirt

V-neck T-shirt in my opinion is the best way to flatter your neck line and collar bone. It can be worn inside a flannel shirt by both men and women. Plus point is that these T-shirts give your body frame a slimmer look.

Scoop neck T-shirt

Scoop neck is an another variation of crew neck T-shirts but here the round neck line hangs or ends a few inches lower than the collar bone. It does not give a very uptight look but in a fashionable sense; it rocks!

Henley collar T-shirt

Henley collared T-shirts have stands collars and a placket of 4-3 buttons in front. They are a little between casual and formal touch. You can wear it without any layer but also it can be worn with a blazer.

Raglan/Baseball T-shirt

Raglan T-shirts are also known as baseball T-shirts because they look similar to the uniforms worn by the baseball players. Their sleeves can be anywhere between half to full but mostly 3/4th. These T-shirts have different colored sleeves that are attached diagonally to the seam. It looks good on all body types.

Turtle neck T-shirt

Turtle necks are extended/long necks connected to the T-shirt which can be folded once or twice. Turtle neck T-shirts gives a very classy look to anybody who wears it. It is mostly worn in winters but in fashion sense you can wear it inside a blazer; HOT!

Ringer T – shirt

A ringer T-shirt comes from a crew neck but the rims of the neckline does not have a collar and is of different collars and so is the end of the sleeves.

Cap sleeve T-shirt

Cap sleeves take place somewhere between half sleeves and sleeveless T-shirts. It is a rugged twist that gives a cap like extension starting from the shoulder.

Half T-shirt (Singlet)

These T-shirts are sleeveless with thin straps mostly worn by athletes. More like a muscle T-shirt but more comfortable and sleeveless.

Muscle T-shirt

Muscle T-shirts are mostly worn by people who have muscles. They are body hugging and that makes the muscles very visible. Tip: people with muscles can flaunt their bodies in these T-shirts. You can pair it with joggers or chinos.

Longline T-shirt

Long line T-shirts are longer in length, their length can end up to the knees. It is mostly worn by dancers or people in fashion, especially people have elongated torso and are slim.

Pocket T-shirt

Just as the name suggests; these T-shirts have pockets on the left side. It gives a very funky look to a T-shirt and sometimes it is of a different but subtle color.

Baggy style T-shirt

Baggy T-shirts are one of the most fashionable comebacks from the 80s-90s. They are mostly worn by loose pants, chinos or joggers. They are not exactly baggy but can be loose and wider from the sleeve area.

Hooded style T-shirt

These T-shirts are normal but they just have a hood attached to them. They are mostly worn by the teenager and guys when they go out or go to the gym.

After all style MATTERS.

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