Types Of Notebooks: The Ultimate Guide

Notebooks are cherished by numerous individuals – for their guarantee, for their usefulness, for their capacity to help maintenance and for their help with productivity. Some are practical, some are fun and some are just lovely. So here is our Notebook Guide to assist you with choosing the correct notebook for your own, work or study needs.

Spiral notebooks

This is one of the most common notebooks. It is the one which is very handy and easy to use. The good thing about this is that the pages do not come out and you may use it for a very long time. Also, it mostly comes with a hard outer cover which prevents your notebook from getting dirty from inside.

Lab notebooks

If you are a student and you require a notebook for recording your scientific observations made in the lab then this is a perfect choice for you. These notebooks come with pre-written columns to fill that make it very easy for you to note your observations quickly.

Business notebooks

This notebook is generally used by businessmen or employees. It primarily serves the function of either noting down important details and keeping important schedules. It generally comes with a built-in planner which makes the work much easier. They are usually found in heavy material and have a good outer cover which makes it look classy.

Composition notebook

The composition notebook is the one which is sturdier than the spiral notebook. It is the normal notebook that we get in the market and use daily. The pages of this notebook are sewn together and are bonded like a book. The notebook generally contains 70 to 80 pages but you may also get many notebooks that have 200 to 400 pages.

Novelty notebook

This is one of the most uncommon notebooks. It is not used daily but is generally used for military purposes as it contains waterproof pages. This notebook comes with an index card which makes it attractive for the people who like keeping records.

High-end notebooks

High-end notebooks are luxurious ones. It generally comes with glossy paper which is much heavier than the normal paper that is used in the spiral and composition notebooks. These notebooks have thick covers with a velvety or leather-like look. It comes in all sizes and is generally much expensive than the other types of notebooks.

Hardcover notebook

These are hard case bound notebooks with high quality and durability. The hard case serves the function of protecting the notebook from dust, dents, and knocks. If you want to note down important information and want it to last for a long time then a hardcover notebook is a perfect choice.

Flexi cover notebook

This notebook is much similar to the hardcover notebook but the only difference is that it has a flexible cover. The flexible cover helps you to fold or roll down your notebook and keep it in minimum space. The flexibility of this notebook adds a contemporary twist to it.

Sequence cover notebook

The sequence cover notebook is generally designed for kids who love playing with sequences and patterns. The cover of this notebook is made up of sequences stitched together which reflect light when put in sunlight and also enables the kids to draw a different pattern on the cover of the notebook making it very popular amongst young kids.

Pocket notebook

These notebooks are very small or mini-notebooks which can be kept inside the pocket as suggested by its name. This tiny notebook helps you to note important phone numbers or important pieces of information that you might not be able to note without a pen and paper. So these are the savior ones which you can always keep in your pocket.

Sticky notebooks or Note pads

Sticky Notebook or simply notepad comes with pages you can easily tear and paste wherever required. These notebooks especially provide pages that you can use to stick on pin-up boards, files, or any important piece of information.

Doodled notebooks

These notebooks come with pages that are doodled and colorful. You may use it for anything; keeping notes jotting down important information or marking an important schedule. Some of these notebooks also come with quotes written on each page to lighten up your day.

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