Types Of Olives You Should Know About

Olives are high-fat fruit that is full of beneficial compounds and full of nutrients. They have a deep mythological history- a gift to humankind from the Greek goddess Athena.

These are hundreds of varieties grown throughout the world, and they all have a unique appearance, taste, and texture. There’s more to “green” and “black” olive. The different types of olives are listed below:

Agrinion Olives

Agrinion olives come from the Aggression region of Greece, close to the west sea. They are the medium to large fruit of the Conservolea tree, one of the oldest olive trees in the world. They’re light green olives and come in all shapes and sizes. They have a fruity and tangy taste and a firm outer but very soft texture.

Alfonso Olives

Alfonso Olives are visually appealing with a thick and intense purple color. The color is striking, and the olives look great as part of any dish. It is most often used to season stews, soups, or other foods. Native to Chile and contains soft, almost mushy meat. Has a rich olive flavor that may be slightly bitter or acidic in taste.

Amfissa Olives

Another Greek variety and they grow in central areas of the country. Amfissa can taste anything from bitter to sweet and grassy to fruity. They are small in size and have a soft and slightly citrus sweet taste. The olive grove of Amfissa is one of the oldest in Greece, the largest continuous one in the Balkans and dates back 3000 years.

Arauco Olives

Arauco Olives originated in La Rioja in the Arabic region of Argentina. These grow in both Spain and Argentina. They were first planted by Spanish settlers during colonial times, but now number in millions. One of the most common types of olives for commercial olive oil production. Sometimes, can be found as a side dish or an appetizer. A large dark green oval-shaped olive. Brine-cured and flavored with rosemary. It is used as a snack or to complement other foods.

Arbequina Olives

They’re the most famous olive varieties in the world. Also, one of the more unique-looking olives as they have a light-brown exterior color. They have firm flesh and a deliciously light and fruity taste.

Beldi Olives

Beldi Olive is a small and fruity olive that hails from Morocco. They are harvested fully-matured late in the season when they offer a rich and intense taste. Then the olives are dry-cured with salt and then packed in oil. They have a soft and chewy texture similar to other sun-dried fruits such as persimmons and tomatoes. They have a delicious, deep, and intense taste and they are worth trying.

Castelvetrano Olives

These olives hail from Sicily, Italy. They are one of the best-tasting olives in the world, and their appearance is a striking bright-green color. They’re medium-large in size, and typically come pitted in a salty brine. Have a firm flesh, but they are soft on the inside and somewhat similar to an avocado’s buttery texture. Their light and mild taste make them ideal for a wine and cheese platter.

Cerignola Olives

Cerignola Olive also hails from Italy. These are the largest olives in the world and originate in the Puglia region of Italy. They are available in black and green form. They are also produced in red color which looks amazing.

Cobrancosa Olives

These are medium-sized green olives that grow throughout Portugal. They provide a very light, fruity flavor with a slight hint of spiciness. These are renowned for their great-tasting premium olive oil.

Cordovil Olives

Cordovil Olives are very deep and fruity yet slightly bitter and spicy in taste. They grow predominantly in the Moura region of Portugal. They have a small to medium size with a greeny-yellow tinge.

Manzanilla Olives

They are one of the most famous types of olives in the world orientation from Sevilla, Spain. They have the alternate name of “green olive”. Manzanilla is prevalent table olive, it is also one of the most common sources of oil.

Mission Olives

Mission Olives is an olive variety that comes from the United States. They are the only American olive cultivator recognized by the International Olive Council. The olives are small and green with a firm texture, and growers produce them for sale both as whole fruit and oil.

Picholine Olives

The Picholine is a small and green olive that originally comes from the region of Gard in Southern France. It is the most common olives in France, and it is now flourishing all around the world. Picholine is being used to produce table olives and oil. Its firm and crisp texture accompany a mild and fruity flavor, which makes it a typical fixture on cheese platters.

Verdial Olives

Verdial Olives have an unusual bright green color and they hail from the Velez-Malaga region of Spain. They have very firm flesh, a medium buttery texture, and a crisp, clean fruity taste. Due to their pleasant taste and availability, they are one of the most prevalent types of olive in Spain.

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