Types Of Orchid Flowers Unknown To Human Being

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Flowers have existed between us since the beginning of the human civilization. There are many types of flowers and each of them has its own properties and of course, specialities. Some of them are used as medicines for treatment of different diseases. One such type of flower that has its own speciality and uses is the orchid. Undoubtedly, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Orchid refers to those kinds of flowers which are colourful and fragrant. It is considered to be one of the largest family of flowers. It has its own different types and researchers are still busy in finding out the biggest family among them. It is being cultivated since 19th century. Orchids are completely different from other flowers. This is mainly because of its special uses. It has small seeds and doesn’t have a wooden structure. Also, the leaves have parallel veins and some of them can live for several years. They normally grow in trees and shrubs and are used for making perfumes and in horticulture. But in this large family of orchids, some of their types and their uses are still unknown to human beings. A few of them are listed as follows:


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These orchids are found in the sea level of tropics to the elevations of Andes Mountains. They have broad and flat lips with exotic markings and they can be found in yellow, brown, pink, red and green colours.


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The Vanda can be found in Eastern Hemisphere and Southeast Asia under warm and humid situations under bright sunlight. They can be found in both large as well as small sizes and have a very powerful fragrance. They don’t have a specific time to bloom and it happens throughout the year.


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Paphiopedilum can be found in the East Asia rain forests. They grow on cliffs and trees. The main problem of orchid is that it needs to be watered frequently because it doesn’t have a water storage organ. But the most special fact of this orchid is that their structure is similar to that of a women’s footwear.


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Dendrobium is considered as the one orchid having the largest number of species. They have cane like stems and can be found in Eastern Hemisphere, Himalayas and South Pacific Islands. It loses its leaves when there is scarcity of rainfall and it can be found in the home of every gardener throughout the world.


This orchid can be easily grown at home and is considered as a big profit for those involved in flower business. This particular orchid also needs to be watered daily and has large leaves with long stems. They can be found mostly in tropical Asia and South Pacific.


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Cattleya Orchids are huge and have a powerful fragrance. These orchids can be found in South and Central America and have water storage organs along with a spongy covering to capture moisture.


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The neck of this orchid resembles like a swan and has a very spicy scent. It is very long lasting and grows upto 30 blooms in one stem.


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This orchid is very attractive and has thousands of species. It blooms in almost every year and requires a heavy amount of light and some artificial lighting if we consider growing it indoors.


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This orchid grows only during the summer season and is triangular and thin in shape. It is risky to grow this orchid ourselves so it is always recommended to consult a gardener before proceeding. They come in orange and yellow colours.

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