Types Of People In The YouTube Comment Section (Sanjay Mishra Edition)

We have heard that there are different types of people in this world. Here, I am talking about the preference and character difference between everyone and not the physical one. And if you want to have a close look, visit these different people in the Youtube comment section. You will realize that these people are commenting on different subjects except for the video.

Now, Youtube is a video sharing and streaming platform. Here, you can watch and share any video under the rules and regulations made by them. It also provides an option for the viewers to comment or to give feedback about the video. But, except for feedback, people use this option for many other things. And today we are going to talk about these people. 

The first comment

When you visit the comment section of any youtube video, after every two or three comments, you will find a person commenting, I am First. As if there was a race on the comment section and they have to come first and, they will get a trophy for winning this. 

Asking for likes and comment on their comment

These people are in the highest number in the comment section of any youtube video. They are creating their world of likes and comments. The weird thing is that some people even give like these types of comments. 

Fake profiles of prominent YouTuber

There are a lot of independent and prominent content creators available on this platform. And, their fake profiles are also available on this platform. In every comment section, You will surely find a comment of BB Ki vines Or Ashish Chanchalani vines. Sometimes, it is so difficult to find the difference between the real and the fake ones.

The doubtful One

These types of people in the Youtube comment section are somewhat similar to the people asking for likes and comments. The only difference between them is that they will post a poll between two YouTubers. They will decide who is the best based on likes and comments. And, the sad part is that they never share the result. 

Promoting their channel

Actor Sanjay Mishra. (File Photo: IANS)

Youtube is a platform where you can share your videos and make money out of it. But, all this requires time and patience. And, when people think that youtube is not promoting their channel then those people start sharing the link of their videos in the comment section of other videos. 

Asking for birthday wishes

In every YouTube video, there are one or two people who will comment that today is their birthday. I do not have a problem with the birthdays. But, I just don’t understand the need for mentioning the birthday on a YouTube comment section. 

The month and year tracker

The month and year tracker

They are those people who will keep track of time in every video. For them, it is essential to mention the month and the year in which they are watching the video. Some will even ask others to like the comment if they are watching it in the same month or the same year. 

The Well Wisher

Good people are everywhere. You just need to find them. Nowadays, these good peoples are only found in the comment section of the youtube videos. These people will always wish good morning or bless you in the comment section. 

‘The Nobody memes’ Lover

Memes are everywhere and the people who love memes, are also everywhere. Even in the comment section of every video, you will find the people who will post the nobody meme. This meme is not even trending now. Still, some people post this meme in every comment.

The Favorite Part

Now, some people love a specific part of the video. So, to show their favorite part of the video, they will post the exact time of that part. This helps others to realize that the good part of the video starts from that time. 

The Suspense Lover

There are creative people everywhere. And, creativity is shown in the comment section. These people will try to create a suspense int the comment so that the other people will invest time in reading their comments.

The Different Country Fans

They are those people who are not from our country but still watch our videos. They want us to realize our reach by mentioning the country from where they belong. 

Commenting multiple times on the same video

Some people love to comment repeatedly on the same video. The main intention of these people is just to get the attention of the creator.

The Abusive one

Social media is a platform where you will get love as well as hate. And, it can be visible on every video of any creators. People will use abusive language to criticize the creator. Criticizing a video is a good thing, but using abusive language is not correct at all.

The Admirer

And in the last, some people in the comment section will actually admire the content of the creator. And the number of these types of people is declining day by day. 

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