6 Types Of People While Watching A Horror Movie (Rajpal Yadav Edition)

We all are familiar with the different genres of movies. There is a separate fan base for each genre of movies. Some people love comedy, some love romance, some are crazy about action, and some loves drama genre of the movie. But there is still a conflict about the lovers of the horror genre. I mean there are different types of people while watching a horror movie. And today we are going to talk about these different types of people through Rajpal Yadav edition.

The Brave Heart

The people who are fond of watching a horror movie alone falls into this category. They are known for their bravery. And why it should not be? I mean they are those people who can watch a horror movie and that also with all the lights closed. You can consider these people out of the world. Because clearly, they do not believe in any kind of spirit and all. Even they do not have any problem going outside after watching the horror movie. 

The Need for Partner

Sanjay Mishra, Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav in Still from the movie Bin Bulaye Baraati shown to user

They are those people who are comfortable watching horror movies but they need a partner. They pretend to be in the category of brave heart people. But when it comes to watching the movie they will not do it alone. They need someone to hold their hands. So that when the ghost from the movie seems to appear in real life, they can use their partner as their protective weapon. 

The day lover

Rajpal Yadav at the Song Launch Funk Love from movie Jhootha Kahin Ka on 11th July 2019 shown to user

The people who fall in this category are considered to be the smartest one. The reason behind their smartness is that they will watch the horror movie but in the daytime. If you will ask them to watch it alone, then they will agree to that too. But on only one condition and that is they will watch it in the daytime. They are smart because they enjoyed the movie and did not get scared at all. 

The Half watcher

They are those people who never fully watch a horror movie. The things people do for their image is beyond imagination. They are those people who want to be cool with their friends that they can also watch a horror movie without even getting scared. But when the reality comes and they have to watch the horror scenes. Then at that time either they close their eyes or they hide their face with something. The reality is that the people who fall into this category have never really watched the full movie. 

The ghost watcher

According to me, the people of this category are the most interesting one. While watching the movie everyone loves to focus on the screen and the scene of the movie. But they are those people whose whole concentration will be on the door and the window of the room. They are those people who think that they are safeguarding others. They don’t care what is happening on the screen. They will not watch a scene of the movie but will pay their attention to the doors and windows of the room.

The Forced one

They are the people who have suffered a lot. I mean if there is anything wrong happening in this society then it is with them. They are the ones who go through a lot. The people who are forced to watch a horror movie are placed in this category. They are the victims of their friends. Someone needs to stands for these people. There should be justice for them

These are a few types of people who you can probably see during a horror movie. If you feel related to the post then please like and do not forget to share which type of horror movie watcher you are.

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