Basic Types Of Photo Editing Skills

Editing nowadays is not just Photoshop used by high professionals for printing pictures on magazine covers. Editing is something every person uses on their photographs to enhance color and light to get the best out of what they have. Whether you’re a VSCO girl or an Instagram model or just plain confused, it’s important to find your style.


Black and white photos have many sub-styles: High contrast, muted, overexposed and aged, these photos are generally very dramatic. A black and white photo can evoke deeper emotions. A black and white edit only keeps the highlights, shadows and the grey in between thus its less likely to distract the subject by. Therefore, these photos are more abstract and moody.

Film Look

Soft, muted colours, muted highlights and earthy tones are the defining characteristics of editing your photographs to give them that film look. It’s easy to get that classic film photography look without having to hunt for old school cameras. All you need is a couple of presets in Lightroom, or you can even edit from scratch. Just don’t forget that grain.

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This look makes your photographs very bold and out there. It can also make photographs look more professional but it is also very easy to over-do the vibrancy and saturation. The main look of this editing style is to make your colors stand out as much as your subject, if not more. This photography style is more eye-catching and is generally used for website banners or Instagram feeds.

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This style is in direct contrast with the over-saturated vibrant photographs mentioned in the previous type. This picture looks more retro/ film. This is when you want the colors to be there in your image, but not be distracting from the subject. This style also works for a pastel/ cool aesthetic. This look is also called faded, desaturated or simply washed-out. This style makes the pictures look very soft and comforting.



This is a more bright and clean style of editing. In this, the photos remain true to how they were RAW. There are only minor adjustments of highlights,contrast, shadows and exposure. This style makes the pictures look very airy as if clicked in bright natural light and it evokes generally happy and light feelings. 

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This is a very new and social media trendy style. The pictures are generally more vintage looking. But more so than the colors, tones and vibrancy these photos have doodled on them. These are generally drawn to add on to the photo more than just colors. These doodles draw your eyes to the subject. This is a very quirky style of editing photos and generally done on mobile editing apps. These photos are mostly used on social media and pop culture websites.


Whatever style you choose, always remember that it is okay to experiment and play around. Whether you choose to pick one style and stick to it or change styles according to the photographs, remember to have fun.

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