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Photography in the modern day has become a much more practiced art than older days. It is a creative way to capture stories and portray them in pictures. Photography has become much more popular as more people have taken a hand and took a chance at photography. While earlier, consumers would usually use cameras for taking family pictures or events, today with its growth, the styles and types of photography have also grown bringing many new areas of types of photography.


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Taking pictures of nature whether it is of forests, mountains, rivers, meadows, or trees. Anything that belongs to nature, this type of photography focuses on a natural scene capturing elements of nature.


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This type of photography focuses on capturing structures and buildings while showing the intricate designs and details of the building. Architecture photography can be pretty mesmerizing and definitely make heads turn with the perspective and the angle of the photos.


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Portait photography is all about taking pictures of people and telling a story through the expressions and the personality of the person. Portraits are one of the most common types of photography taken up by enthusiasts and people who have just taken the hobby as it allows room for creativity, expression and freedom.


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It is a tough job being a wildlife photographer. To go deep into jungles, forests, swamps and polar regions to take the perfect snapshot of an animal. It is a tough and sometimes dangerous job which takes a lot of hard work and dedication.


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As the name would suggest, this type of photography takes place in a concert capturing images of the musicians, the crowd while looking for a perfect image which captures the vibe and ambiance of the concert.


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Weddings are a very important event in a person’s life. It is crucial for every person to have these beautiful moments captured to keep them forever. It is the job of wedding photographers to take such pictures that make this special day just like the fairytale one dreams of.


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Taking pictures of people while they play sports is basically how you can sum up sports photography. But it requires a lot of as people while playing sports are always in motion, so photographers require a lot of patience and steady hands to take the perfect shot with the perfect focus without any blurriness.


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Travel photography consists of pictures taken by photographers during their travels to different locations. This type of photography aims to capture the scenic view of a location or even the culture or the people. 


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Street photography is all about capturing daily life in the busy streets of a city. It is also called urban photography and includes elements like architecture and candid photos of people.

Real estate

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Real estate photography includes pictures taken for the purpose of selling a residential or commercial space. The aim is to make the space appealing to the eye to gain the interest of buyers.


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Taking pictures of a product is product photography. The products can be anything like pots, jewelry, clothing articles or even cars. This type of photography aims to give a detailed view of a particular product which a company might be selling.


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Photojournalism is a way of giving news through images and photographs. Such photos may include portraits, architecture, and even war photos. The aim here is to give an in-depth look into the news.


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Photos captured underwater taking images of underwater sea life and underwater animals constitute underwater photography. Various photoshoots are also taken underwater for portraits and other themes.


If you are famous enough or are in a place with many celebrity spottings, chances are you may have seen a paparazzi in action. They take pictures of well-known people ranging from musicians, sportspeople and actors in their daily lives which are sold to tabloids and new websites.


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This type of photography can include pictures of a variety of things be it animals, products, people and even emotions. All these photos are licensed which can be used by buying them from stock image websites.


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Macro photography deals with taking close up and really zoomed in shots of nature or insects. Special macro and zoom in lenses are used for this type of photography to capture every detail and nuance. 


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Taking pictures of food and drinks where the food is the main subject and focus of the photo. Food photography is usually used in menus, cookbooks, magazines, and blogs while using some props to fill the picture while making it look more appetizing and aesthetically pleasing.


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Fashion photography may look like portraits but they do have a very distinct style. Using clothes, makeup, and accessories as the selling point, fashion photography is very editorial and is commonly used in magazines and has become popular with apps such as Instagram.

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