Types Of Places Which People Are Afraid To Visit

People always search for beautiful places for relaxation and recreational purposes. The first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to visiting places is a beautiful landscaped background, an eye – catching seaside or a swimming pool to relax boy. However, there are still some places around the world which people are afraid of and refrain from visiting. Some of these places are, in fact, so beautiful that you will get lured into having the desire to go and have a look at them with your own eyes. But trust me, some of these places are so deadly and dangerous that you will not even think of travelling there in your dreams. Let’s have a look at some of these places:

The Snake Island in Brazil

As the name suggests, this island has been inhabited by numerous deadly snakes instead of human beings. Yes, you heard it right! And guess what, the island looks so beautiful from a distance that you will literally feel like going there! The Navy has now forbidden the entry of people owing to some deadly incidents which had happened before.

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia

Indonesia is anyways known as the land of volcanoes. But the Sinabung volcano located in North Sumatra is considered to be the deadliest and the most active one. It is known for bursting out frequently and is responsible for the death of numerous locals. Go and stay there one day and you will hear about the terror of tremors and shaking houses from the local inhabitants.

Death Road of Brazil

Well, the name itself suggests the grave consequences of travelling through this dangerous place. Also known as the Yungus Road, it is one of the most dangerous and deadliest places of the world. It so happens that the long and wide road becomes tapered at the end and becomes only three meter widen which makes it difficult for even a cyclist to pass through it. However, people are still allowed to travel through this place but, of course, at their own risk!

Boiling river of Peru

It is considered to be the largest hot water river in the world. Here, hot means literally hot – enough to burn your skin too! As per belief, anything that falls into this hot water body will get boiled, or in vague terms, burnt instantly.

Turkmenistan’s door to hell

Also known as Darvaza Gas Crater, this place is considered to be a kind of pilgrimage for scientists around the world. It so happened that a group of geologists had burnt a huge hole in this place to prevent the spreading of Methane gas to the nearby areas. However, much to the amazement of everyone, the fire never went off and is still burning. Although it has become a popular camping site now, people are still scared to go nearby it. I mean who would like to stand or sit near a big pit hole consisting of fire!

Poison Garden of England

It is a known fact that most of the rich and elite people in the world opt for different ways of getting rid of their boredom. This is what the Duchess of Northumberland did when she got bored of roaming about the normal, beautiful gardens. So, she decided to have an alternate garden made entirely made of poisonous plants. This dangerous place is called the Alnwick Gardens. You will get to see numerous poisonous plants like the Cannabis and Foxglove, deadly enough to make people faint from even a distance. There have been numerous cases in which tourists have literally fainted even after having a look at these deadly plants from a distance!

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

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Beautiful as it seems, this 17th century fort built in Rajasthan narrates a story of love, rejection and revenge. Most of the people who have visited this place narrate incidents of having strange experiences with supernatural entities. If you want to hear more about the same, you should interact with the locals here and have chill run down your spines! The interesting fact here is that no one is actually allowed to enter this area during night.

Danakil Desert of Eritrea

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This happens to be a popular tourist destination with its own beauty. However, one thing should be kept in mind that this desert is not for the weak hearts! It not only has numerous active volcanoes but also consists of poisonous, toxic gases sufficient enough to kill a living person. This is the reason why some people consider it to be the Hell on Earth.

Mount Washington, USA

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This place witnesses some of the fastest winds blowing around the world. If you have watched Game of Thrones, then you can consider this place to be something similar to the fictional land of Winterfell. This place is dangerous not only because of the fast winds but also the freezing temperature which is very hard to resist by the human body.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

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Although this beautiful park in Bolivia looks like nature’s own paradise, it still has some deadly facts related to it which cannot be ignored by anyone. The park consists of some of the most deadly plants around the world which are considered to be harmful for human beings. They are known for causing rashes, dizziness and itches in humans.

Valley of Death, Russia

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Known as the Kamchatka Peninsula, this place located in Russia happens to be a great tourist destination. But this does not make it any less dangerous. In fact, this place is known as the Valley of Death because of the poisonous and toxic gases present here. No plant or animal has ever survived her. In fact, human beings also feel unwell whenever they visit this place.

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