Types Of Products That Can Be Used During Periods

Menstruation or periods is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs every month as a part of women’s monthly cycle. Every month women’s body prepares itself for pregnancy, when no pregnancy occurs the uterus sheds its lining. The blood that comes out also contains tissues from inside the uterus. Menstruation is as normal as a headache, it’s not a taboo. Not many people openly talk about menstruation because they find it embarrassing. But people must change their minds and talk about menstruation because it is a big part of our lives and this embarrassment and shyness holdbacks many girls out there. Menstrual awareness is essential for both men and women. Many women tend to use things like dirty rags, leaves, newspapers, straws, etc because they do not have any excess to any kind of menstrual products. They feel embarrassed about buying such things and openly talking about it. Using such unhygienic things during menstruation can lead to some serious infections. Let’s value menstruation because life depends on it. There is a wide range of products available now which you can use during menstruation to keep yourself healthy and free from any hazardous infections.

Sanitary pads

Sanitary pads also known by the name sanitary towel, menstrual pad, sanitary napkins, or simply just pads are used to absorb blood flow from the vagina. They are worn in the underwear and are economical to use. We can change them several times depending on our flow. Pads offer a huge variety of sizes and styles to choose from. Sanitary pads have various advantages which include the elimination of odor, saves you from unwanted infections, holds the flow efficiently, and offer us comfort.


Tampons are used during menstrual cycles to absorb the blood flow. It is worn by inserting it inside the vagina. Having something inserted in your vagina might sound weird and harsh, but trust me it’s not bad. Once you get used to it will do wonders to you. Tampons are made up of cotton and rayon. Tampons too offer you a huge variety of options to choose from. They are available in different sizes, scented and non-scented, organic varieties, and much more. Did you know, you can even go swimming during periods with a tampon on.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are reusable hygiene products for women, to use during her periods. It is a small, flexible, cup-shaped funnel, made from silicone. It is an eco-friendly option, better than pads and tampons. Menstrual cups are available in various sizes and shapes. If you are interested in using a menstrual cup, contacting a gynecologist would be a great option. Using a menstrual cup at first can be uncomfortable, but once you will get used to it, all your discomfort will fly away. Most people just know pads and tampons, therefore it’s essential to make them aware of other alternatives.

Reusable pads

Reuseable pads are very similar to sanitary pads, the only difference here is that you can wash and reuse these pads several times. These pads are very full of comfort since they are made up of cotton. Using reuseable pads helps in saving money and also our environment. Reuseable pads reduce a lot of waste that harms the environment in endless ways. Using reuseable pads might add some more work on your schedule but many people have to said to have felt very connected to themselves and their cycle after using these cotton pads. You will have to soak, wash, and dry these pads before using them again. These pads have buttons that will help it to stick at its place. Reuseable pads are available in various sizes and beautiful patterns. They are also very durable, you can use them for 2-5 years depending on the brand you use.


Pantyliners are sanitary pads but they are way thinner and narrower. They are designed for light flow blood discharge, it is really helpful when used during the start and the end of the cycle. Avoid using panty liners during days when your blood flow is heavy, because it can lead to leakages. Pantyliners are also available in various sizes and shapes, its greatest advantage is its portability. It’s very tiny, therefore it can be carried anywhere very easily. Some companies have pantyliners styled especially to fit thong underwear.

Period panties

Period panties are specially designed panties to be worn during periods, they are really helpful during heavy flow days. Period panties makes sure you sleep and do your work comfortably without having to constantly worry about stains. Period panties are available in both disposable and reusable styles. Reuseable period panties can be washed and used again. Disposable period panties are just for one-time use. Period panties will make all your worries and problem disappear forever. Period panties are leak-proof, breathable, and best for modern-day women. Period panties are more costlier than the other products but it is surely worth every penny.

Menstrual sponges

Menstrual sponges also are known by the name period-sponges or Sea sponge tampons, are natural and renewable menstrual products. Sea sponge is a plant-like organism that grows deep down in the ocean. Sea sponges are very much like tampons but they are chemical-free and are a natural-absorbent. Sea sponges contain special enzymes that eliminate odor and prevents bacteria growth. Tampons contain pesticides in them on the other hand sea sponges contain beneficial sea minerals. Fun fact, sea sponges can be worn while having sex during periods to avoid the bloody mess. Sea sponges are also bio-degradable, making it the best option to use while menstruating. Before using a sea sponge clean it properly with warm water. You can also use natural cleansers or a natural soap to clean them. Make sure to don’t boil them, because it will damage them. The best part about these sponges is that you can trim them according to your convenience. While trimming a sponge, remember not to change its shape, just make it smaller. Before inserting the sponge into your vagina wet it to make it soft, and stuff it inside until you don’t feel it anymore. You can easily remove it with the help of your fingers or the string attached to it. Sea sponges can be used up to 5-8 years, you must dispose of the sponge once you notice it has started to fall apart.

Menstrual discs

Menstrual disc is an insertable menstrual product about which many people are unaware. Menstrual disc can provide up to 12-hour protection and even help you minimize cramps. The concept of menstrual discs are very similar to menstrual cups. You need to squeeze the rim and push it into your vagina, above your pubic bone and you are all set to bleed. It can be a little tricky to get it out, but with time you will learn. Menstrual disc can easily handle heavy flow, you just might have to change it more often. Menstrual disc can hold fluid worth 5 regular tampons. You cannot reuse menstrual disc, you need to wrap it with toilet paper and dispose of it. Menstrual discs are not environment friendly. Many people have said to find menstrua

Emergency alternatives

Now here are some emergency alternatives for those who do not have any period product available with them at that particular moment. Remember this is just for emergency purposes, not for daily use. For regular use, you must use any of the above-given products. Toilet paper or tissue papers can be an excellent alternative for pads. You can easily find it at your house, malls, restaurant,etc. Take a big amount of paper and fold it into the size of a pad. Make sure you have to fold the toilet or tissue paper into multiple layers, to avoid staining. You can even use a spare cloth piece or a T-shirt you don’t use anymore. Make sure to use a cloth that’s not dirty and is not too small or too large. Cut it according to your desired size and fold it into the size of your regular pad and place it under your vagina. You must find a pad or tampons as soon as possible from the nearest store. You must use these emergency options just for emergency cases only, not regularly.

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