Types Of Props Used In Theater And Drama Which You Have Never Heard About

It is so amazing to watch a live theater going on, right? We can feel the emotions of the artists who are acting in front of us very well. But have you ever noticed one thing? Whenever a drama is conducted inside a theater, the things or the background changes after every two or three scenes. This is because whenever the curtains fall down, the entire set is being changed to depict a totally different scenario. So, how is this done? How can someone’s drawing room be turned into a parking area after sometime? The answer is ‘PROPS.’ For those who are unversed, props refer to those things which are used by an actor either on screen or stage during their performance. These are very much distinctive objects which can change the scenario of an entire scene. Now let us have a look at some of the theatrical props which you have never heard about:

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Hand props

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These props are the ones which are used the most in a theater. They can be anything which can be carried or even handled by an actor while s/he is performing on the stage. This includes a lot of things such as food, cane, weapons, lanterns, candles, mobile phones and much more! These things can be practically picked up or used by an actor at any point of time.

Personal props

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These props are the ones which are either used or even won by the actor while performing on stage. These props are never kept idle and always put in full use whenever there is a performance on the stage. They can be anything ranging from simple clothes to crowns, swords and many other things.

Set props and dressings

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These props include things like furniture, chandelier, pictures, window curtains, etc. who seem like they are also acting on the stage along with the actor. Sometimes, they are also termed as ‘practicals’ because of their importance in the theater.


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Well, the name suggests everything. The greens include artificial or even live plants which are used on stage. It is mostly because of them that it becomes very easy to depict an outdoor scene on the stage.


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These are considered to be one of the most important props used in theater and drama. Atmospherics include snow, smoke, fog, rainfall, etc. which help in making the stage look more lively. It won’t be wrong to say that they create a 3D effect on the stage making the audiences feel like they are experiencing something very real. It also takes a lot of effort in creating them and then depicting them on stage.


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These are customized props which are made in such a manner that they can be broken by the actor at any stage whenever necessary. The interesting part here is that these props are either broken beforehand or are glued together in pieces with the help of some hot glue so that they can break easily whenever required.

Prop table

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This isn’t actually a prop but is a table where all the props to be used for the drama are being kept. However, it does play a very important role in an entire play and drama because of which it is kept on the stage most of the time. Why? That’s because it will be easy to pick up the props from a space which is not only movable but can also be hidden from the audiences by covering it with a piece of cloth or just keeping it at the corner. That is why, prop tables are the ones which are being used the most in theater and drama.

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