Types Of Roles That Outlined Irrfan Khan’s Career

Hindi Industry has recently lost its shining star Irrfan Khan, widely known for his acting prowess and natural charisma around the globe, his death came as a shock to everyone and felt like a personal loss. His art transcended boundaries and left something special for each of us, he may not be present here but his roles have made him immortal and his legacy will live forever. In this list we’ll be walking down a memory lane talking about the roles that left imprints on the minds of our own and defined Irrfan Khan’s illustrious career.


In this thriller, an Hindi adaption of Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, Irrfan khan plays the eponymous hero who falls in love with his boss’s mistress and kills the guy after being prompted by his lover. The role of Maqbool entailed a mixture of extreme emotions such as longing, love, betrayal, suspicion, trauma, violence all of which could have been too much for an actor but Irrfan Khan took it in his strides and managed to deliver a brilliant acting masterpiece effortlessly.

The Namesake

This movie is close to so many hearts and the reasons for it varies depending upon the person but almost every person has a common denominator which is always Irrfan Khan. It can be contributed to his effortless chemistry with his Co-star Tabu or the ease with which he delivers heart breaking dialogues about intangible concept such as relationships. He not only managed to grasp the attention of the audience but also made them notice, actually notice and feel the emotions of an immigrant and a parent.

Paan Singh Tomar

The movie won Irrfan Khan a National Award for the best actor in the category, this biographical drama about an athlete turned dacoit was a huge critical success, reason for which lies majorly with Irrfan Khan’s exceptional acting. He was able to convey the frustration and the inner turmoil of a person who was dealt with wrong hands by the system, his portrayal was immaculate as well as ingenious and invoked introspection among the audiences making it one of his most note worthy role.

The Lunchbox

This whimsical tale is about two strangers who are brought together because of a misplaced Lunchbox Irrfan Khan played the character of a soon to be retired widower who can only be defined as recluse but after engaging in letters sent to him by Ila along with the delicious lunches he starts to have a more positive outlook about life. Its the sheer rawness and integrity with which he played the role, that struck the chord with the audiences and made it ever so memorable.

Life Of Pi

These movies acts like an evidence to the fact that actor doesn’t have to be present on the screen all the time to leave his mark. Even though Irrfan played the grown up version of the protagonist and is used as a narrative device, he essayed the role with all the conviction and earnestness his character demanded and left his impression here too, his speech at the end even went viral so much so that it is one of the things people remember the movie for.


It is only the symbol of versatility that Irrfan Khan was able to portray myriad characters all different from other, each of them belonging to various age group with totally different character set up so flawlessly. Irrfan Khan’s characterization of Rana as a humble, quirky and humorous guy brought different dimensions to it from the introductory banter with his family to his constant badinage with Piku, he provided us with an indelible character in the form of Rana.

Hindi Medium

The depiction of a father who is at conflicts with his real identity while trying to pose as an elite somebody just to secure admission for his 5 year child rang too close to home for several parents of the country who want better education for their children. Irrfan Khan was able to embody and grasp the root of the character, he played this lively character with his inherent subtle charm and  was successful in simultaneously spreading an important message about the right of education.

Jurassic World

The movie is mentioned solely because of the symbolic presentation, the story that Irrfan Khan was not able to afford the original Jurassic Park film tickets but fast forward few years and he not only got cast in the Jurassic World movie but the role he played was of Simon Masrani, CEO of the Masrani corporation and the owner of Jurassic World felt like culmination, for the lack of the better word, of years of hard work. His casting subsequently conveyed the message that hone your art well and you will surely receive your due recognition.

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