Types Of Shoes For Men

Shoes are definitely the most important part of the ensemble. They help you make your outfit even better. Whether you get ready for work or a party, the right pair of shoes is always important. 

Here are different types of shoes for men for every occasion.

Boat shoe

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Boat shoes are also known as deck shoes. They are made typically from canvas or leather with rubber soles. The shoes have a siping pattern for better gripping on wet or oily surfaces. They are traditionally worn without socks.


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Mocassin was primarily made from deerskin and was usually worn by the people of native America. In the contemporary day, moccasins have a soft interior usually made from felt. They either have laces or are slip-on which covers half of the foot.


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Sneakers are casual shoes which can have a variety of designs and colours. Mostly sneakers will have laces and low-tops but there are some sneakers which are available with high-tops too. The converse is a sneaker which comes in both variations of high-tops and low-tops.


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Oxfords are a formal shoe wear and were originally made from leather. In the modern-day, oxfords shoelace outlets and are made from various materials including faux and genuine leather. 


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Brogues are shoes or boots which are made from high-quality leather with a low heel which is usually worn for formal occasions. Brogues will usually have small perforations along the side and the top of the shoe for decorative purpose.


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Wingtips are a type of brogues with separate toe caps which runs along the sides to the back of the sole. When you look at a wingtip, the toe caps are usually in the shape of a ‘W’.


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Boots are a type of footwear that completely cover the feet and may extend to the ankles or the middle part of the calf. Boots are one of the most versatile shoes due to it having various styles and types depending upon the use and occasion.


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Derbys are distinguished by the characteristic of the eyelets for the laces being sewn on top of the vamp. They became a popular shoe for hunting and sporting. In the modern-day, it can be worn for semi-casual and semi-formal occasions.


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Loafers are slip-on shoes crafted in the style of a mocassin. They have a low heel and are lace-less. They began as casual shoes but are now popular with lounge suits.

Monk shoe

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Monk shoes are a formal shoe with no lacing. They are also called monk straps. Usually worn for formal events, these shoes are described as the “most advanced” dress shoes for men.


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Trainers have so many different names, it gets hard to keep track. Also called sports shoes, gym shoes, athletic shoes or runners, are the same shoes. These types of shoes are used for physical activities like sports or exercising. Due to its comfortableness, it has grown popular as casual and everyday wear.


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Sandals are usually open-toed footwear with straps to keep the foot in place. Since the sandal keeps most of the feet exposed, many people prefer to wear these in hotter climates to keep their feet comfortable. They are also worn for their comfort and are also preferred by many as they cost lesser than close-toed shoes.

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