Types Of Shoes For Women

Shoes are definitely the most important part of your outfit. Shoes help you complete, improve or even upgrade your look. Whether you go for a casual, party or a formal look, shoes are what makes it all complete. Just like Christian Louboutin said and we highly agree “A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”

High heels 

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One of the most commonly worn shoe by women as they are perfect for many occasions be it business, semi-formal, formal or cocktails. High heels have a lower sole at the front of the foot while rising at the heel which gives a better height to the wearer.


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Wedges are a more comfortable version of high heels as there is no separate heel and the sole is connected to the heel. Most wedges will have a higher heel and are great for semi-formal and casual looks.


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While there are many types of boots, boots mainly refer to the shoe that will cover the entire foot and also the ankle. Some boots cover the lower calf too. But other variations such as knee-high and thigh-high boots are also available. Boots are very versatile shoes and can be paired for with jeans, skirts, shorts or dresses.


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Platform shoes grew in trend during the 1970s in the disco era. These types of shoes have height but the height is equally distributed from the front of the shoe to the soles.


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Similar to platforms, flatforms, unlike platforms, are flat shoes with a heightened sole. The crucial difference between the two is that platforms will have a little variation in height between the heel and the front while the platforms have a   sole.


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Sneakers are a daily wear shoe. They are a staple in every closet and are typically worn for casual or sporty events. Sneakers can either have laces or Velcro. And recently sneakers with humongous and dramatic soles have grown into trend pairing them with dresses for a sporty yet chic look.

Ballet flats

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These types of shoes are also called flats and are inspired by ballet shoes. The shoe has a very thin sole with almost no heel. They will usually have a simple design like a bow on the front of the shoe. Perfect for business and casual events, and they are also very easy to pair with different outfit styles.


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The original creepers were made by the shoe company T.U.K and these types of shoes will have a small flatform sole. The shoes are somewhat pointy with laces but unlike other shoes, there are only 2-3 holes for the laces. These types of shoes are particularly more popular with punk-rock fashion. Billie Joe Armstrong from the band Green Day can usually  be seen rocking these during concerts


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Sandals are open-toed footwear which usually has a strap to hold the feet of the wearer. Sandals are usually worn for casual or semi-casual events and can have many designs. While most sandals have a low heel, there are sandals with some height too.


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Gladiators are a type of sandals that have been inspired by the footwear worn by gladiators in the Roman empire. These sandals are known for their iconic straps that usually extends to the calf or the knee. But variations are available where the straps end at the ankles.

Lita boots

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Lita boots were in trend during the early 2010s. The Lita boots were created by Jeffrey Campbell. They have a high heel and platform sole, these boots come in various styles and colours with accessories such as studs, spikes, and chains.

Lobster claw

The lobster claw is a high heel shoe created by Alexander McQueen. This shoe was made famous by Lady Gaga who wore it in the video for her song “Bad Romance’. The shoe gets its name due to its shape being similar to that of a lobster claw.


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Heelless shoes made their debut on Antonio Beradi’s runway in 2007 and were made famous by Victoria Beckham in 2008. These shoes look pretty daunting as they have no heel. 

Wedge sneakers

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The combination of a wedge soles inserted into sneakers are wedge sneakers. These shoes look sporty and are pretty comfortable to wear. Perfect for casual and party wear.

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