Types Of Soaps You can Use On A Daily Basis

For people who love bathing, for some, it is a waste of time and water, but stepping out without bathing is unhygienic and one must not do so. What comes to mind when the word ‘Bathing’ is said, Water and Soap. The soaps we use to take bath with are available in many types from fragrance to shapes, from colors to its uses. Let’s have a look at some of its type.

Toilet soap

The soap has some kind of substance in it which helps for cleansing and thus the toilet soap has more of it than bathing soap, one cannot bath with toilet soap as it is not good for the skin. It has a fatty substance more in it which is not good for the skin. It used in washing and household purpose.

Laundry soap

 Each type of soap is used for a specific purpose. Laundry soaps with the name it is understood that it is used with clothes, applying it on clothes and rubbing it with little water makes cloth shine. There are many brands manufacturing laundry soaps and so has cut-throat competition and the quality of soap varies brand to brand.

Guest soap

Yes, the ones we see in hotel rooms. These soaps have elegant packing, mild fragrance and are available in different shapes. Usually, the colours are also soothing and each colour is meant for some specific fragrance, purple for lavender and green for aloe, so on and so forth. The life span of guest soaps is minimal as they are small in size. They look decent and are good to use.

Beauty soaps

As we all have different skin type, the same kind of soap cannot do. This kind one uses as per the skin type. To solve problems of acne, dry skin, oily skin, wrinkles one must use particular soap and not the ordinary one. Some have the problem of sweating, while some have rashes in summer for those soaps made of neem are recommended or Chandan made soaps are also beneficial.

Dish soaps

Do soaps only clean body and clothes? No, they also help in removing stains and dirt from plates. What kind of soaps are they? Dish soaps are in liquid form and have some essence of lemon or mint it also has different essences in it. Diluted with water it is available, to clean oily stains on plates and helps to maintain its pureness, some plates look dull after a course of time as they are not washed properly; using right soap over it is the solution. Dish soaps are hard of skin and so it is not recommended.

Novelty soaps

 Some kids don’t like soaps and so they don’t apply them; to get rid of this problem mommies try to grab the soaps with their favourite colour and shape, also novelty soaps are available in cartoon characters. Usually, this kind of soap is used for return gifts or to decorate any hamper. The fragrance is not so strong and so children can easily apply it.

Medicated soaps

 To get rid of any allergies, doctors prescribed soaps are medicated ones. They are made of naturally available substances and can be used in the long run. There are no different shapes but are available in a bar shape.

Bath soaps

What is this type of soap, it can be used all around the body while bathing? Some soaps are restricted to use only on the face while some to use on the body. This soap is refreshing and can blow one’s mind.

Liquid soaps

Instead of having bars this soap is more preferable as it is more hygienic as once it is used it cannot be reused like any other soaps. People use this while travelling and some use this in daily life too. Liquid soap has good foam and fragrance too. They are also available in many flavours and colours.

Perfumed soaps

This is some unique kind of soap which has perfume in it and are in some different shapes they have soothing and calm fragrance and is helpful for people as it is a solution to allergies.

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