Types Of Students In College Canteen (Kareena Kapoor Edition)

We all hate going to college. I mean who wants to go and attend those boring lectures and watch the same faces of the teachers again. However, we have no other option than to attend those classes and tolerate those one hour with faculties. But there is a place in college, which is the most favorite spot of the students and is the best place to make memories with your friends outside those one hour-long classes. And that place is termed as the canteen. In that college canteen, you can get food, gossips and, can meet different types of students as well. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the types of students in college canteen. (Kareena Kapoor edition)

The birthday Gang

A birthday celebration in the college canteen is like a ritual for every student. And almost every day you will be able to see the group of people celebrating their birthday with friends. The worst thing about this type of people is that you can only watch them celebrating. You cannot have a birthday cake. And in my opinion, this issue needs to be addressed. Someone has to come out and address the pain of the other student who is present at that time. Those students have also participated in the celebration, yet in return, all they get is ignorance.

The loudest 

After the birthday celebration gang, the type of student you will see is the over enthusiast student in the canteen. They will be happy for no reason and due to their over enthusiast nature and extra loud voice they will attract the attention of every other student.

Sometimes, I wonder why these types of people are so happy. Even when they will be having a normal conversation with their friends, they will be extra loud and every other student will be able to hear their talk pretty clear.

The couple

This category is for the people who are in the relationship, and they can be easily spotted in the canteen. Not just in the canteen, the people of this category are everywhere in the college, including the classrooms. These types of students are the most romantic students at the college. The best way to find out if they are a couple or not is to look if they are eating on a plate or not. And if they are doing that, then they are in a relationship.

The complaining one

In a canteen, you will also see those students who are the unhappiest from the college authority. And the best place they find out to take out all the anger is the college canteen. Eating and complaining about how the college is extracting money from the students in the name of extra activities. The list of their complaint will never end. The best part thing about these students is that they will complain only in the canteen. They will never go to the higher authorities or try to find out the proper solution to their problem. 

The observing

The best place to observe the behavior of different people at the same time is the canteen. And there will always be a student who will love to observe the behavior of different students. These types of students are not so talkative and extra friendly. You will most likely find these students sitting in a corner and observing others. Generally, people misunderstood them for their behavior but they are the most genuine and simple students of their class.

The foodie

This category is for students who love food. Talking about different students at the canteen and ignoring the students of this category is like ignoring the salt in a dish. These students are the best you can find in a canteen. They do not care much about others’ opinions and all they know is to enjoy the food and have fun at that moment.

These are a few types of students you will most likely notice in your college canteen. If you enjoyed this blog and felt relatable then please like and share it with your friends.

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