Types Of Tea To Suit All Your Moods

It is consistently ordinary to feel a little down, anxious, upset when things are not working out positively along your way. It’s normal. Be that as it may, did you realize that teas are incredible beverages that will assist you with improving and lift your mood? It is said that tea is useful to the body. The advantages that you can get from drinking tea are endless. It is justhigh-time that everybody realizeds that tea is useful also in boosting your mood particularly when you’re feeling down and discouraged. Also, there is tea for happinedd and positivity!

No matter what the pace of your life is or how engaged or entangled you are with your work- there is always time for tea. Because… NO TEA NO WORK!

But what to drink when tea for work is not the priority?! In this article we cover teas for all your moods. Suit Yourself!!

Lavender tea for Sleep

Lavender tea is absolute bliss for an amazing zzz after a long day. Lavender holds nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium which leads to having better quality and longer sleep. This is further proven by a study published in the international magazine of molecule sciences that little quantities of zinc can improve sleep. Not to mention the distinctive aroma, taste, and aesthetic look ensures that this princess sleeps well.

Chamomile tea for Stress and Anxiety

Admired as a medicinal herb for over more than hundreds of years, this herb remains popular for its numerous benefits.

Chamomile has a complex called apigenin which helps in relaxation, anxiety, and even depression and insomnia. Long term consumption of chamomile is known to significantly reduce effects of the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

However the results of chamomile tea are debated over the grounds of placebo effect.

Tart cherry tea for Restlessness

Tart cherry tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the market. It makes up easily for its distinctive bitter taste with its few ounces containing as much as 118 nutrients which are touted for their countless benefits- especially encouraged for a modest instant decrease in restlessness and promotion of good sleep.

Black tea/Chai for Wake up call

Everyone agrees that a nice cuppa of chai marks the perfect morning. Boasting of its own pages in history this tea still kicks strong around the world and gives an energetic punch to your sleepy head. Need I say more?

Peppermint tea for Emotional Wellness

Peppermint contains menthol which chills your body out completely from the inside. This helps in lowering irritable distress and soothes your mind. instead of releasing emotional distress on someone with low emotional space, sip peppermint tea, and release stress calmly. A guaranteed Win-Win.

Lemongrass tea for Depression

It would be wrong to say that something so toll taking can be treated with tea, but lemongrass tea makes an absolutely excellent choice for reducing anxiousness, it helps in making you feel better physically and mentally by boosting red blood cells levels and promoting antioxidants.

Ginger tea for Energy

This combination of ginger, hot water, and honey is an elixir of energy that works its wonders by improving blood circulation and blood sugar levels hence reducing fatigue. The strong taste gives you a kick to take on the work you’ve been putting off for days, cheers!!!

Indian masala chai for Happiness and Positivity

This is one happy go lucky beverage which can instantly launch you into a happy and positive mood. The spices- ginger, cardamom, black pepper, and clove ensure you remain focused and distressed when you need to get down some serious office work done or you simply want to catch up with your friends. It is one hell of an Indian simmer that just gets you poppin’ as it goes down your throat preparing you for the next take on.

Lemon (hot/iced) tea for Anger

A very important tea for everyone living the ‘modern’ life in general. This tea brings you the soothing aroma of lemon and effects which relive you from your restlessness and insomnia. Made from the leaves of lemon balm, it promotes cooling and calms your nerves hence calming your anger.

Green tea for Exhaustion

Having medicinal records which have been solidified by modern research no wonder why this is one of the most popular healthy beverage on the list. Green tea makes an excellent antioxidant and contains the compound EGCG which helps with the offsets of physical and mental fatigue. Now you know why green tea is recommended after exercising or swimming.

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