10 Types Of Theme Ideas For Living Room Decor

It is always said there is no place like home, and so do people believe it. Home is where there are good vibes, positive people, comfy corners. There are many parts to house like kitchen, dining area, living area, bedroom, storeroom, backyard, and so on. Also, the house is made of wood, bricks, beams but only love can make it into a HOME. There exist people who believe in astrology and accordingly the theme, colours, placement of furniture is done. But everybody loves to be around a specific theme and them makeover their room accordingly, let’s see some theme ideas for living room decor.

Traditional style

It is said that it has its origin from the European style of architecture here the articles used are from ancient history and has some instance related to it. The traditional style décor always has the showpieces in symmetry so that the balance is not misbalanced. Also, the colour used on walls is comparatively lighter to the colour of articles so that the combination sets well. This suits well for the person who has a love for classic art pieces and other ancient articles. As this style reflects ancient aspect the wood and tiles used for this are also intricately designed.

Modern style

The style which is loved by everyone as it defines simplicity and has straight patterns and lines without any chaos or clutter. The furniture in modern style is very subtle in colour and has a sleek texture or pattern. Some of the signs that exist in modern style décor are no articles for décor, there exists intentional asymmetry, light or subtle colours, open kitchens, the cross combination between furniture and walls.

Contemporary style

This is the only style that evolves around the growing time as it takes the unique aspects from all the other styles and nowadays it is the most trending one. It has the concept of open spaces for light and air to be around the place and the material used can be glass, wood.

Transitional style

The most ordinary arguments lie between contemporary and transitional style as each one of them is on similar lines, contemporary could be a little difficult to live in but the transitional is the go-to style as the talking here is done by the textile and furniture rather than the wall colours. The décor here be light by throwing pillows with bright colours or by spreading the rugs all around. The use of articles/ accessories is limited. It has the taste of both contemporary and traditional.

Shabby-Chic style

We all love the shabby chic style décor it’s just that we were not yet familiar with the term. The living room with chandeliers and pillows with floral print and floor whitewashed has always been fascinating. Exactly, this is what the shabby chic style décor has in it. This style is said to have a feminine feel with delicate patterns and here the furniture used is of the traditional style which the generation has been passing onto years with a touch of the era’s style. This kind of style always captures an elegant and comfy vibe at home.

Nautical style

This kind of style must be kept for a house located near the sea/ocean. The nautical style of décor uses the colour which reflects the sea or beach and is soothing to the eyes. The architecture makes a home a truly comfy place just with splashes of bright colours and everything has a backdrop. The decorative articles used are seashells, rope and other things which reflects sea/ocean. How about a living room with light blue accessories and kitchen with yellow and white accessories that’s how the nautical style home looked like.

Art deco style

This style of décor has not been much in the picture as it is not the style which people talk about. To experience this style one must visit Miami beach. This style has oversized furniture from armoires to sofas the best way to choose colours are looking for bright colours and also furniture used can be from vintage style

Farmhouse Style

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It’s the word itself makes sense or relatability with the structure of farm or the decor under this style is unique vases with flowers and or dried lavenders in them. The colour used here is soothing and this style is lately adopted by many suburbs houses too. This is a kind of style wherein you get positive vibes.

French Country Style

As there are different styles and each has some specifications so do the French style has wherein the colour mostly used are dark as red, bright as yellow and also elegant as golden. The kitchenware used is mostly made up of porcelain material. 

Rustic Style

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This style of decor reminds of old huts or houses where there was no fancy articles but the house yet felt fulfilled in all ways. The rustic style is where the look is given to the room in an earthy way and the article made are from raw wood or unfinished goods.

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