Wackiest Types Of Pizza Toppings Around The World

Ever felt that Pineapple is the only weirdest and strange combination for a pizza topping, then this is not the end. There are so many varieties of world’s most extreme ingredients for a pizza topping. Ranging from Bananas to Eggs to green peas. Thought of adding these crazy toppings to your favorite Italian dish? Would you dare to try these?

Banana Topping

Quite surprised? Yes, Bananas are added to give that extra fruity flavor to your pizza. Swedish people actually enjoy banana curry pizza. It’s a golden treat when the bananas come out caramelized after baking. Similar to the Hawaiian pizza, the banana pizza is a crowd divider too.

Egg Topping

Just think about it: gooey eggs on top of cheese in pizzas. How would it taste? It is strange that people from western countries prefer this innovative combination and is liked by masses. The taste is enhanced by adding tossed veggies with the egg.

Blueberry Topping

image courtesy-the noshery

Heard of dessert pizzas? A blueberry topping pizza is an absolute hit in this category. As a result, when your sweet tooth comes calling, this is a way to satisfy it in a more savory way. Fresh blueberries are known to boost up the freshness of pizza slices in the European countries.

Coconut Topping

In Costa Rica, pizzas are famously topped with coconut and shrimp that creates a powerful sweet savory combo. In America, coconuts are used as toppings for sweets and desserts but hardly as a pizza topping. One can make this dish when you want to take your game day snacks to the top level.

Green Pea Topping

One of the most common vegetable harvested in Brazil is the green pea and as a result they are commonly found in pizza toppings with combination of other various vegetable. It may sound as a weird topping, but green peas are adored by Brazilians in Pizzas.

Potato Topping

Potatoes are loved by people of all ages. This is an interesting and innovative way to turn an ordinary pizza into something mouth-watering. Just stuff bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and plenty of ranch dressing into potatoes to make the pizza just like a scrumptious side dish.

Durian Topping

image courtesy-says.com

The Hong Kong style dessert cafe serves up this strange and weird pizza topping. Durian is known to have the smell of a hot garbage and yet enjoyed by a group of people. Ever wondered if this peculiar fruit could me a pizza topping?

Mustard Topping

image courtesy- chaosandcookies.com

A joint in New York city serves mustard with its pizza topping and its a hit dish. Known as Detroit-style pizza for its rectangular shape. Sounds crazy? but locals in that area are already its fan.

Canned Tuna Topping

image courtesy-manusmenu.com

Canned tuna is a popular pizza topping in Germany, and it’s often mixed with onions, olives, or other vegetables. The Japanese too prefer seafood in their pizzas. Other than tunas, octopus, cod roe, and seaweed are also used in pizza topping.

Strawberry Topping

image courtesy- pintrest

It is possibly the most unique pizza topping one have ever feasted their eyes on. The strawberries are first caramelised in granulated sugar and cornstarch and then used as pizza toppings. if you have a sweet tooth, this is a must try.

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