Weird Types Of Pani Puri Flavours

Indians are known for their luscious street food and pani puri is the most toothsome of them. It is a deep fried ball filled with boiled potatoes, white peas or mung beans and spicy, tangy and sweet flavoured water.  There have been various flavours of pani people have been trying and creating. However lately, there are a few out-of-the-box and weird flavours people can’t resist.

Some of them are:

Lahsun (garlic) flavour

Garlic is added to the water which contains a mixture of chilli powder, ginger paste, black salt and regular salt. Garlic enhances the harshness of the spicy-sweet paani. Most Indians love garlic in their food and they might love it in their favourite pani puri too.

Black grape flavour

This pani is at it’s best when consumed chilled. Green chillies, mint leaves, coriander leaves are minced into a paste followed by mixing black grape juice into it. Later, to make it more mouth-watery, lemon juice, tamarind pulp, black salt, normal salt and red chilli powder are also added. This flavour may sound weird but might be appealing.

Orange juice flavour

If you’re a fan of orange juice, this might be an ultimate pani puri for you! This pani flavour not only has orange juice but also chopped pudina (mint), amchur (dry mango) powder, lemon juice, roasted cumin powder and pani puri masaala. The perfect tangy explosion for your tastebuds!

Vodka flavour

Vodka lovers! Pani puri and vodka equals to heaven! Yes! Lip smacking sweet and spicy pani puri water mixed with vodka shots is for real and can be found in some restaurants. Side note- not everybody likes it but the real vodka lovers love this SHIZ!

Chaas (buttermilk) flavour

Green chillies, coriander leaves and mint leaves are crushed and mixed with buttermilk. The texture of this water is whipped and velvety which you may fall head over heels for.

Sol kadhi flavour

Kokum paste is blended with the  juice obtained by straining cloves, green chillies and coconut in a muslin cloth. If you love kokum, you will definitely love this combination.

Guava flavour

As weird as it may sound, guava juice is added to the traditional pani puri which takes your taste buds on a peppery and sweetened guilt trip and leaves you asking for more…

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