Types Of Wine You All Must Or Should Try

Wine is an alcoholic drink typically made from fermented grapes. Yeast consumes the sugar in the grapes and converts it to ethanol, carbon dioxide, and heat. It is one of the most consumed drink around the world and also comes under the list of fanciest drinks.

Red Wine


Red wine is made from dark-coloured varieties of grapes (usually red or black). Young red wine is dark violet in colour, mature red wine is brick red and older red wine is brown. The colour of the grape skin determines the colour of the wine.

White Wine


White wine is made of white, red and black grapes. The right way to make white wine is to extract the red pigments away and utilize the grape juice only. White wine usually has a bright and creamy flavour to it because of its inputs.

Rose Wine


Rose wine is made of red or black grapes and generally has a colour that ranges from pale to dark pink. The fermentation time can be around 12-36 hours. However there is another way of making rose wine that is blending red wine and white wine.

Dessert Wine


Dessert wine is exactly what is name says. It is sweet in taste and is occasionally served with or after the desserts. Sweet wine can be categorized into Port, Tawny and Sherry. It is made by adding alcohol to still wine during the fermentation process. The addition of alcohol stops fermentation by killing the yeast, leaving behind residual, unfermented sugar from the grapes.

Sparkling Wine


Sparkling wine has different names in different countries such as Cava in Spain, champagne from the champagne region in France, Asti, prosecco, etc. Sparkling wine, just like beer and soda, gets its bubbles from carbon dioxide gas. You can either add carbon dioxide or you can trap it as it is already a part of the fermentation process.

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