Variety or Types Of Ways To Braid Your Hair

Why is it necessary to choose a hairstyle that suits you? It is because your hairstyle speaks a lot about your personality and image. One can style their hair in an endless fashion be it buns, pony tails, or the most common braids. The evolution of braid has seen one of the most notable journey in the world of fashion. There has been a wide variety of modifications and variations to wear your hair in a braid. This classic hairstyle never fails to make you rock at any occasion, whether it is a party, meeting, or a casual day at work, this simple yet unique style will always make your hair look neat and gorgeous. 

Here are some braids one must definitely try:


The most common and classic braid style is the three strand braid. This braid can be done everywhere, from casual outings to red carpet events. Thus, this braid style will add that special charm to your look.


This is yet another classic braid style that saves you during summers keeping your hair away from the face. It is also known by the name French plaits or Tresse Africaine. French braids are without any doubt hard to create but once you get the trick, it turns out smoothly.


Fishtail braid bears a resemblance to a French braid, but here the hair is parted in 2 sections instead of 3. As indicated by the name, the style creates symmetrical patterns just like the scales over a fish’s tail.


Another name for it is pineapple braid or inverted French braid. This hairstyle rests over the top of the head giving it a  vibrant dimension. A Dutch braid looks perfect on hair lengths ranging from medium to long hair.


Nothing can be more easier than this particular braiding style. Just twist 2 equal strands of hair and merge them and you are good to go. Invest 2 minutes of your time and you are ready with a perfect rope twisted braid.


This intricate braid looks exactly the way one would imagine it – like a waterfall on the side of your head. It is a stunning way to use your hair as its own hair accessory. A bride too can slay on her wedding day with this gorgeous braid.


One of the most trendiest braid styles is the four strand braid. It is a rope or chain like braid made of 4 equally distributed hair strands. This style is sometimes mistaken for an ordinary 3 strand braid, but if  looked at closely one can make out the variation. This particular braid produces a 3D effect in comparison to flat braids.

Other than these significant braiding styles, there are a couple more which are:

  • Pull through braid
  • Reverse braid
  • Milkmaid braid
  • Halo braid
  • Chain link braid
  • Rope braid 
  • Spiral braid
  • Boho braid

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