About Us

Types Of is a platform where we give your curious mind a break as this website will inform you about everything and anything; that has different types. You will find everything between cheese to dish and anything between oops to whoops.

Our website focuses on the most fascinating and rare gems of knowledge. It will provide you with an impressive piece of information regarding Food, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, Humor, Animals, Fashion and Arts. Many astonishing and weird types of things will be revealed here and trust us; you’ll love it.

Types Of will cover everything of your interest from types of book readers to types of chai (tea) lovers. We assure you that we will provide solution to all of your queries and to satisfy your urge towards knowing it all for sure.

Typesof.in was Co-founded by Sakshi Joshi (Chief Editor and fun enthusiast) and Darsh Patel ( The man with brain)

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