20 Skin Tips for Breathtaking Dewy Glow

We all are obsessed with Skincare these days. But the products in the market are nowhere near affordable. Putting your bets on such high stakes without knowing the outcome can be demotivating. So here are 20 tips that you can do at home, that will give you a beautiful, dewy, natural-looking glass skin that will enhance your beautiful skin color and make you shine through the crowd.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil isn’t by any surprise the number one tip . All you need to do is apply a very thin layer of coconut oil when going to bed and rinse it off in the morning with a cleanser. You can do it alternate days depending on your type. 

2. Hydrating Cream

Hydrating Creams are very different from your regular moisturizers. These creams feed your skin with the water boost it loses every day. Unlike moisturizers, it doesn’t leave your skin looking oily but makes it look healthy and glowing without any breakouts. 

3. Eye Cream

We tend to ignore the fact that the skin under our eyes is the most sensitive part of the skin on our face. We apply the regular moisturizer for our eyes as we do for our entire face. You need to apply the right hydrating/ moisturizing eye cream to give us a fresh look every day. Eye creams must be used religiously every day to prevent future wrinkles and sagging.  

4. Sunscreen

The best thing invented for the face has to be this product but also the least efficiently used. Applying sunscreen every day can delay your ageing by 20 years. Not just this, sunscreen works as a substitute for foundations if you wish to step out without makeup, sunscreen is the way to go. It gives your skin a very primed, glowy touch that makes everyone wonder.

5. No-bake

To achieve a natural, glowy glass skin, we need to remember to keep it as hydrated as possible. Dabbing translucent powder in oily areas still maintain the glossy look, however, baking the face makes it look cakey and eliminates the glossy effect.

6. BB/CC Creams over foundation

Foundations are meant to last longer and have more visible opaqueness to it. But BB/CC creams mainly focus on lightly giving a tint to your face. Substituting your foundation for it will help you achieve the natural look you’re craving for and no one will even know!

7. Water

The most overly said phrase “drink water”. If you strictly drink enough water based on your Body Mass Index, you’d notice your skin glowing in just a week. Water flushes out all the toxins from your body and enough water in your body gives a scope to the skin on your face to also benefit from it thoroughly. Water apps can be a good way to keep a check of your daily water intake score and the benefits from it. C 

8. Sleep

We all know the 7 to 8-hour sleep rule. However, we forget that these 7 to 8 hours should be at a stretch. A healthy glossy looking skin is a well-rested skin. Just how you get dull-looking eyes after a sleepless night, the same effect applies for your entire face as well. Avoid sleeping late and at hours. Make sure you give yourself a good amount of sleep and wake up early for a fresh-looking sculpted face and to avoid puffiness. 

9. Chemical Exfoliating

We have all heard of the various fruit and nut scrubs however, chemical exfoliators are faster and can prove better results for your skin. It helps fasten the process of removing dirt, dead skin and sebum from your face. The results are visible from the first try. You face feels smooth and clean hence leaving you with a fresh-looking face. 

10. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are slow to show permanent results since it uses various extracts and oils for your face. However, sheet masks are the secret to giving your face an instant hydration boost. The result is unbelievable. Especially for people with dry skin, this product is a blessing. It leaves your skin hydrated and healthy for days. Weekly sheet mask with give you the glossy, dewy face you’ve been dying for and will always keep you younger looking for the years to come! 

11. Steaming

We often tend to forget that cleaning the pores require opening them first. The sebum accumulated in the pores don’t come out easily which is why steaming is the best way to get rid of all the dirt in your face. Make sure to end the step with a toner and a hydration cream. Steaming leaves your face looking plump and glossy and also boosts blood circulation in your face. Just a weekly 10-minute pre scrub routing of steaming will do wonders.

12. Daily Gentle Cleansing

Our skin needs a balance of the natural oils in our skin. Stripping it away from all the oils to achieve a clean face will only make your skin produce more oil to cover up for the loss. Therefore, a Gentle Cleanser is the best way to start your day for a fresh feel. Buy facial cleansers which guarantee a gentle cleansing. This will give your face a hydrated and moisturised finish while also cleaning your skin. 

13. Superfood therapy

Not just for eating. Superfoods can be altered in many ways to use as a face pack directly onto the face. You can consume them and also use them as face mask after cleansing, once a week to give your skin the boost of all the nutrients. 

14. Vitamin E hack

Consuming Vitamin E pills can be a life-changing hack for a divine looking skin. Vitamin C helps repair the UV damage on the skin. It also contains a high amount of anti-oxidants that repair and rejuvenate your skin. Leaving your skin looking healthier and brighter. Not only skin, Vit. E helps in faster hair and nail growth.

15. Rose Water

This is the safest toner available and the results are instant. Use it as a base for your make up or as a mixer or even as an everyday start to your face after cleansing it. It leaves a beautiful rosy smell as rose water also helps in cutting off body odour and leaves you smelling fresh and looking dewy and hydrated. 

16. Almond Oil

This facial therapy requires you buying the best almond oil available in the market. Don’t hesitate to invest in it because it goes a long way, even for years. Almond oil is best for treating discoloration on the face. Apply a very thin layer under your eye before going to bed and in a week you’ll notice visible results on your dark circles vanishing. 

17. Baby Oil

This oil is magical. Packed with loads of Vitamin E, this is safe on a baby’s skin so is safe for you as well. A thin layer of it once in a while will prove wonders for your skin. Depending on your skin type wash it off, don’t keep them for too long. 

18. No Excess Scrubbing

Here comes the don’ts which is a very important tip to achieving beautiful skin. Never scrub your face excessively as it causes micro-tears in your skin and it will dull your skin with time. It will also promote faster ageing signs on your skin. 

19. No touching and popping

Your hands have a lot of germs and dirt in them and constantly touching your face will lead to more acne generation.While we’re on the subject of acne, DO NOT pop your acne. Acne is natural. It goes away eventually. If it doesn’t, get medical help to see if it’s the sign of a more serious problem. Popping them for temporary satisfaction will only leave you with a scarred face.

20. Cover Up

The lesser the pollution the more glossy, glowy, dewy your skin will be. Take care of your face the way you take care of the rest of your body. Make sure you wear a clean scarf every time you’re in a polluted space. It may kill your outfit but when the scarf comes off, the glass skin is gonna shine through!

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