7 Types Of Dark Chocolates In India

1. Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate

Hershey’s special dark chocolate has 45 per cent cocoa than the other chocolates. It is semi-sweet chocolate made up of a dark variety of chocolates, cocoa solids, chocolate liquor, and cocoa butter. It is a kosher candy bar. This chocolate is the best gift for chocolate lovers.

2. Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa

Lindt excellence 99% cocoa is the jet-black bar of dark chocolate. It gives the true taste and feels of cocoa. This is very intense and last long chocolate bar. Because of deeply–roasted coffee, it melts more slowly than other chocolate bars. This chocolate also gives the taste of dried palms, blackberries, vanilla, and fudge.

3. Cadbury Bournville

Cadbury Bournville is another dark chocolate, which is very famous in India. Bournville gives the taste and feels of over 100 years intensely rich aroma and delicious dark flavor. Bournville is made up of sugar, vegetable fats, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and 36% of cocoa solids.

4. ASAP Almond And Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

ASAP is an ultimate combo of decadent dark chocolate with healthy oats and wholesome almonds. It is the best pick for body and mind because it is a great source of fibre and vitamin E. It includes simple ingredients with no added preservatives and 100% vegetarian.

5. Mason And Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate

Intense dark organic chocolate is best for a die-hard chocolate lover. This chocolate is sweetened with minimal organic sugarcane to balance the intense cocoa flavor. This bar has 85% of cocoa solids. It is free of soy and gluten. It perfectly pairs with red wine and salty food.

6. Amul Dark Chocolate

Amul dark chocolate is the most consumed dark chocolate in India. This chocolate bar contains 55% cocoa solids, totally fat-free. It contains no calories and is very rich in minerals. This chocolate is the best gifting option on festivals and occasions. It is bitter in taste as it contains cocoa in intense amounts.

7. Godiva Dark Chocolate

Godiva dark chocolate is an intense bar that a true chocolate lover will definitely love. Godiva dark chocolate has ten different signature square with 85% cocoa solids. It is rich in various antioxidants, which are very beneficial for health. It’s every square has an intense and mildly sweet flavor. It is a must-try.

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