25 Weird Types Of Phobias People Have

Phobophobia is the fear of having phobias which leads to other phobias! If you think this is crazy you have a whole list of unheard phobias waiting for you to know about. Here are 25 of the weirdest phobias that people actually have!

1. Chirophobia: Fear of Hands

The very body part that you’re using to scroll through right now, believe it or not, is the same organ that generates anxiety in some people. It is mainly caused due to some past injury or recurring pain in the hands.

2. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of Long Words (the most hypocritical name for Phobias )

The name isn’t helping either for the people who have it. This fear is mostly caused due to stuttering in long words. The person completely tends to avoid long words and hence it becomes a permanent state of distress. 

3. Ablutophobia: Fear of Washing, Bathing, or Cleaning

More common in women, this causes them to avoid bathing or washing. It’s mostly caused due to traumatic experience by drowning or domestic abuse revolving around water. 

4. Nomophobia: Fear of Being Without a Phone

It would be safe to say we must have this by now. It’s when the person fears being detached and away from their phones and connectivity. This fear mostly generates because we tend to feel validated through our phone and feel cut off from the world without it.  

5. Omphalophobia: Fear of Belly Buttons

Some people never get used to the idea of having a belly button despite being born with it. It can be them touching it or someone else’s or someone else touching a belly button.

6. Decidophobia: Fear of Making Decisions

We all might have a certain degree of it while making huge life decisions. People go through severe panic attacks when they have to make decisions or even just the idea of it is enough to freak them out.

7. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia: The Fear of 666

This has a religious base. The biblical significance of 666 is linked with the Devil and people tend to get anxious every time they see it and try to change the number or avoid it. 

8. Somniphobia: Fear of Sleep

People with sleep disorders go through such phobias. They are afraid of the idea of sleeping. They struggle amidst their negative thoughts every time they’re sleepy or tired they are unable to get some good peaceful rest.

9. Geliophobia: Fear of Laughter

People facing this fear think that their laughter isn’t good enough or are being judged for their laughter. This might arise due to childhood trauma like bullying and mockery. 

10. Caligynephobia: Fear of Beautiful Women

You tend to be afraid of beautiful and attractive women. This may be due to major self-esteem issues. 

11. Euphobia: Fear of Hearing Good News

Good news coming from anyone, even themselves frighten them. This happens due to past traumas of bad news following after or uncontrollable emotions. 

12. Trypophobia: Fear or Cluster of Holes

This is a very popular one. One fears and feels uncomfortable with looking at a cluster of holes. They get goosebumps and experience other physical discomforts. 

13. Claustrophobia: Fear of Confined or Crowded Spaces

People tend to feel breathless. This might be mainly with the thought of being stuck there forever or getting lost even though the odds are not in favor of it. 

14. Autophobia: Fear of Being Alone

We all must face a certain degree of this. So many things add up to it. Past betrayal or having heard of too many experiences of people, tend to bring this up. 

15. Hemophobia: Fear of Blood

One feels dizzy, breathless, and anxious every time someone shows or even talks to them about blood and injuries. People with this fear show severe symptoms when they have an encounter. 

16. Anginophobia: Fear of Choking

People face difficulties even eating. They have a constant fear that their throat is going to narrow down and they’re going to suffocate and choke.

17. Belonephobia: Fear of Pointed Objects

This mostly starts with hospital visits which tend to make a person afraid of sharp objects like scissors or needles. This can also be the outcome of injuries using sharp objects.

18. Cacophobia: Fear of Ugliness

The societal pressure and expectations tend to bring in this fear amidst people. They fear being ugly or someone around them being ugly. 

19. Obesophobia: Fear of Being Fat

One fears the idea of ever becoming fat themselves. The person might have underlying eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia. Stereotypical imagery of perfect bodies also plays a major role in scaring people of becoming fat. 

20. Ergophobia: Fear of Working

This is mainly due to the fear of finding of not finding employment. This mostly happens with spoilt, dependent people. They are afraid to go out and get into manual labor or any other functioning. 

21. Necrophobia: Fear or Dead Things

You better not watch horror movies if you have this fear. One tends to feel anxious around topics or images of dead bodies and corpses or even funerals and coffins. 

22. Algophobia: Fear of Pain

One undergoes severe anxiety when they know they’re going to be exposed to pain. This is present in moderation in everyone however a person with it resists pain to a very extreme level.

23. Scolionophobia: Fear of School

This can be observed in kids very commonly. This may be due to the idea of leaving their parents behind and mingling with strangers or even due to traumatic experiences at school, which might include bullying, harassment, abuse, etc.

24. Nosocomephobia: Fear of Hospitals

This may be grouped with other fears like the fear of needles and treatments. A person denies a hospital stay and even refuses to go to the hospital under any circumstances. 

25. LockiophobiaFear of Childbirth

The mother undergoes severe mental straining due to the fear of childbirth. It’s mostly due to the possible complications and the extreme pain that she goes through. All women have this to some extent but in extreme cases, this may cause hazards while giving birth, hence the Lamaze classes. 

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